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PSB Training school

  • Currently in the process of offering Security Training for Level 3 and level 4

FFL (Federal Firearms License)

Currently in the process of getting our FFL which will allow us to sell firearms. 

Retail Location

Currently in the market for a Retail/Training location


What's coming

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Point Blank Firearms Training is a law enforcement owned and operated small business that stresses the importance of Education, Safety, and Scenario Based Training. In 2011 we saw the need for more than a "CHL mill" that so many people unfortunately attend. We set out to start a business that builds a relationship with our students and also builds the foundation for a well trained and responsible handgun owner/licensee.


"Point Blank" as we know, is a commonly used term to describe an extremely close distance.  A distance most people do not train for, and a distance where only the prepared person prevails. Statistics show that most shooting incidents occur within 7 yards and last 3-5 seconds.. 

The Instructors of Point Blank come from all walks of life from Peace Officers to Civilians to Veterans, but we all have one goal.  Provide affordable, quality training in a stress free and personalized environment.