License To Carry (LTC) Class

Class is intended for those with a strong understanding on how to safely operate a handgun and can load/unload without assistance.  This is not for novice shooters

Class is 5 hours


Topics include:

  • Laws that Relate to Carrying
  • Use of Force
  • Avoiding/ Diffusing Conflict
  • Important Sign recognition
  • Children & Guns
  • Lots more!!!

ACTS 1 (Skills and Drills)
ACTS 2 (Skill Development and Scenarios)

This Training consists of a mixture of the topics below:

100$!!! if you register before 10/23/16 (Per ACTS class)
Must have your own Holster, Handgun, and 150 rounds of ammunition
Equipment Rental plus handgun is $30 (does not include ammo)


Advanced Carry Tactics & Scenarios



You Will Not Rise To The Occasion, But Default To YOUR LEVEL OF TRAINING....
Just because you have your LTC does not mean you know how to utilize your handgun under stress and engage moving targets or move to safety.  Don't let the lack of training be the reason you don't go home.

This course is intended for those with a LTC or some experience with handguns.  This training is not for beginners!  This is the same training taught to our men and women in Law Enforcement to not only survive, but to win deadly encounters. 

This dynamic training is quite different from your standard “shooting at the public range”. We go over many of the things That Will Keep You Alive while carrying.

Point Blank Classes

We offer 2 options for earning your License To Carry. 

*Shooting under stress
*Drawing from concealment
*Weapon Retention & Defensive strikes
*Drawing shooting and reloading on the move
*“Injured shooter” drills
*“Injured shooter” malfunction drills 
*Scenario based training

*Combat accuracy
*Balance of speed and precision
*Multiple shot theories vs. double tap
*Drawing/Moving and Shooting
*Shooting from cover
*Malfunction drills

Beginners LTC Combo Class

Class is intended for those with little to no experience with handguns or those in need of a refresher.  This class will prepare you to be a responsible handgun owner and allow you to carry with confidence. 

Class is 7-8 hours

100$ (80$ Special Now!)

Topics include:

  • Handgun Safety
  • Handgun Operation
  • Loading / Unloading
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Choosing Guns & Gear for you
  • Plus earn your LTC all in 1 class